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Alleged Rape: Moses Armstrong defies AGN ban, returns to the movie set




Embattled Nollywood actor Armstrong Moses appears to have defied his suspension by the Actors Guild of Nigeria.

The actor, a former aide to the governor of Akwa Ibom State, Udom Emmanuel, was recently arraigned before a Magistrate court in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, for allegedly raping a minor.

Like his colleague, James Olanrewaju, also known as Baba Ijesha, Mr Armstrong is the second Nigerian actor to be entangled in an alleged rape case with a minor.

Before his arrest and subsequent incarceration, the actor was suspended by the Actors Guild of Nigeria, the umbrella body of actors in Nigeria.


A statement signed by the AGN Director of Communications and actress Monalisa Chinda stated that the actor had been suspended from acting and the guild’s activities.

Ms Chinda said the indefinite suspension became necessary following the investigation of the guild concerning the alleged rape incident.

The actor was recently granted bail in the sum of N5 million by Judge Ntong Ntong. Last week, after perfecting his bail conditions, he was released from prison.
First movie set

Days after, the actor announced that he had hit the location for his first movie after his release from detention.

Going by his post, it appears the movie is titled ‘A Walk Away’, directed by John Henry and produced by Imaobong Udoh.
“My first movie set after my incarceration. Done Here. #DoneAndDusted. #OverAndOut. #AWalkAway… The Movie,” he wrote on Facebook.


The actor plays a significant role in the movie alongside Ime Bishop Umoh, aka Okon Lagos.

The movie is being shot in Akwa-Ibom State.
Still on suspension

Meanwhile, the AGN National President, Emeka Rollas, noted that the actor is still suspended.

Mr Rollas said that despite his release, the Guild would not lift his suspension without following due process.

He said, “We don’t just lift suspension without getting proper information from the right channels.


“As a Guild, we follow the procedure. We also have our committee that will investigate the charges levelled against him. Their findings will determine whether his suspension will be lifted.”
On whether the Guild will penalise him for going on location despite his suspension, Mr Rollas noted that a task force is charged with that responsibility.

“That will depend on the task force. As a Guild, we don’t bother ourselves with small matters like that,” Mr Rollas said.
Not aware of the suspension

In his reaction, the embattled actor noted that he was unaware of any suspension.

Speaking with this newspaper on Wednesday, Mr Moses said he did not receive formal communication from the AGN stating his suspension.

He said that he only saw it on social media like everyone else.


“I was not given any such letter. The National President of the body has not called me, even after my release from prison.

“Even the Chairman of Actors Guild of Nigeria, Akwa Ibom State Chapter, Idongesit Ani Jonah, did not receive any communication from the national body.
“My lawyer is not aware; my manager is not aware; nobody is aware of any suspension,” he said.

He further revealed that his lawyers had advised him against speaking up on the case until its hearing on 18 October.

Prison experience
Days after his release from jail, the actor recalled his experience behind bars. He had earlier stated that he enjoyed his time in prison.

In a Facebook post, Mr Armstrong noted that he was voted the most humble and best-behaved inmate at the Ikot Ekpene Correctional Center during his incarceration.
“Few days after my release on bail, I was invited as a guest by the In Charge Station of Ikot Ekpene Correctional Center, Deputy Comptroller (DC) Edit Akpan, to grace the occasion of his wife’s birthday Precious Cletus…


“And I have been invited to grace the finals of the prison football competition as a match commissioner coming soon. You will be duly updated with pictures,” he wrote.

Mr Armstrong wwas accused of raping a minor.

He was said to have sexually molested a teenage girl he adopted and has been living with his (Mr Armstrong’s) family.
He was charged with rape, conspiracy and supplying drugs or instruments to procure abortion.

The movie actor was first arraigned before a Magistrate Court in Uyo in June. The case was struck out after the Magistrate, Samuel Ukoima, ruled that the matter was improperly filed.

In a Facebook post, Mr Armstrong, on 17 August, noted that he is not a rapist.


It was the first time the actor would comment on the issue since June when he was first arrested.

He wrote, “Nothing Pass God. If you believe, you will receive. Nothing Pass God. I did not rape anybody. I don’t rape. I have never raped, and I will never rape.”

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He continued to express his happiness over Mr. Ibu’s leg amputation, attributing it to the fallout from the dishonest act he had committed.


In response to this, Obi addressed his congregation and refuted the untrue assertion. He asserts that, in contrast to reports that he invited Mr. Ibu to his church, the actor came to his church his own.

Since he doesn’t even watch films, Ebuka Obi asserted that he doesn’t know Mr Ibu.

He said that he was unaware of Ibu’s celebrity status until someone pointed out to him the actor’s attendance at the church.

Speaking about the purportedly staged miracle, Ebuka Obi declared that the actor did not testify on the altar of Zion Ministry and that Ibu never even asked for his prayers for healing.

He continued by saying that Mr. Ibu’s only grievance was one of financial inadequacy, and that in response, he showed kindness by offering him some cash.


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