Ifunanya Igwe, a Nollywood actress, has accused men of handing out things that they are unable to accept.

She also called out individuals who judge others despite having skeletons in their own closets in her message.
Jane Mena, a dancer, and her husband, Pies, were then asked to be left alone.

She penned,

The events of this past week just showed one thing “Men can’t take exactly what they dish out”

Men would cheat over and over again without remorse and their women will keep crying and praying for them to stop cheating. It’s hard for a woman to leave a cheating spouse, but once a man finds out his woman is cheating, heart attack straight.

Some of you are out here judging people while y’all got skeletons in your cupboard. The way y’all are always happy to get bad news about people is what I don’t understand. What about you mind the business that pays you and leave Jane and her husband to sort themselves out

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