Olabisi Adeyemi is a good actress who has featured in very many movies in the Yoruba sector. A few days ago, in an interview she narrated how she embarked on the journey to an exciting career..

Please introduce yourself to us and what you do for a living?

My name is Olabisi Adeyemi, I’m from Osun state NIGERIA , In Ilesha, the last born in the family of 7 now 5. I am an actor in the Yoruba sector of Nollywood, also a relationship manager at Colorado paint Nigeria. I’m an entrepreneur I provide ushering services to all outdoor and in-door events.

How did acting start for you?

Whilst I was small I picked interest in acting Because I love camera 🎥 a lot.i picked interest from the likes of Joke silva, and hubby, Akin Lewis, the famous Christian drama Ishawuru Ayamataga 😂😂😂😂 I just got to know some few years ago that’s it was actually I’M AT ANGER so funny.then I don’t miss the series showing on local tv from there I already knew I really want to be an entertainer so after my OND at osun state polytechnic that was year 2006/2007 I came down to Pefti school where I obtained a form to study acting and mummy Joke muyiwa was one of my lecturer then and some other few English legend actor that taughts me in Pefti.

I met the likes of Yemi Solade at PEFTI that year couldn’t recall the rest actors that I met at Pefti they are all amazing people when I finished from Pefti I went to enrolled at Goriola Hassan theater group I future in school boy with leye kuti and Saheed Osupa while I was still with my Boss Then but I didn’t finished from there before I left to pursue greener pastures as owu(sufferness) want to kill me then😂😂😂😂 I am referring to the year 2007 I went to work and also to finish my studies (HND)

I came back fully in year 2018 December feature in a Yoruba Series called baby mama after that project the acting in me resurface and here we are today I have featured in so many movies and I have produced 4 movies so far 3 out of the 4 showing on YouTube and Africa Magic Yoruba my last movie called KOKORO will be premier before the year runs out or mid next year as it’s a big project filled with suspense intriguing, educative and very interesting movie. the details of my movie premiere will be sent to you once we are set to kick up.

Where were you born?Where did you grow up? Which schools did you attend?

I was born in Osun state Ilesha east local government I’m an Ijesha lady. I grow up in the north Plataeu state Jos town I lost my dad at the age of 10 in the year 1994 relocated to Jos with some relatives where I finished my primary cos I was in primary 5 as at 1994 so I got to start over from primary 5 and 6 from there I move to baptism Academy Nasarawa Jos where I did my secondary school.

I left jos in 2001/2002 came back to the southwest wrote jamb for like 1/2 time before I eventually enrolled at Osun state polytechnic Banking and Finance both OND/HND I’m between this period while I was supposed to go for my OND 1 year attachment called (I.T)I went to pefti to study acting.

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