Nollywood actor, Alexx Ekubo slammed a social media user, who tried to ruin his business.

The web user advised Hollywood star, Yvonne Orji not to associate herself with Alexx after the Nigerian uploaded a photo, announcing a working relationship between himself and the American.

“First it was bitter, then it was sweet, then it was bitter sweet, then it was sweeeeeeeeet all the way to the end, then @yvonneorji gently rubbed my chest, looked me in the eye & said I love you Alexx, & I gently removed her hand & replied thanks Sis, I appreciate you.”
Alexx captioned the photo.

The social media user commented: “@yvonneorj despite your origin, you going to realize they are not the best to do business with. Stay in Hollywood. Trust me on that. Look at the bs he wrote. No tact at all.”

Enraged by the caption, Alexx cursed the user: “@dispatchfire with all due respect, Ogun faya you ma”

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