Debbie Shokoya rising actress, has come out to  publicly warn her trolls.

Debbie Shokoya stated on her Instagram profile that she is not polite and can be savage, but she prefers to spend her time doing practical things, unlike trolls.

Debbie Shokoya claimed that she always liked to remove or ignore foolish remarks on her Facebook page.
Still, some individuals choose to be uneducated and untrustworthy, and she will teach them lessons outside of Instagram.

The actress warned trolls to be careful because not all comments sit well with her every time and today is one of those days.

She wrote: Hey Trolls!!! I just hope you know that I am not that Ok. I can be savage too. But I choose to use my time in doing things that are productive unlike you, Kindly be warned. I Love To Either Delete Or Ignore Stupid Comments But Has Some People Choose To Lack Home Training And Integrity!!
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Charity Begins From Home They Said, But I Will Teach You Outside, Here On Instagram… Don’t Mess With Me. Not Everytime It Sits Well With Me, Today Is One Of Those Days. Let’s Respect Ourselves Because It’s All Love. Be Warned!!!

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