Veteran Nollywood actor, Jide Kosoko, has revealed his indented support for, President Buhari.

“We are all aware of that, before you decided to come on board, deciding to assume power means you have a solution to the problems so that is my own concern. Buhari knows that discipline is his watchword, I wanted to believe him then, but he should know that in getting a corrupt-free society you would face quite a lot of antagonism, he said.

“It’s like if a dog is eating a bone and you want to get the bone; it’s a tug of war.” I believe him, and I feel Buhari is not corrupt, but there are still a lot of issues. This necessitates immediate action to ensure that those things cease.”

When asked if he ever regrets advocating for Buhari in 2015, Kosoko reiterated his support for the incumbent leadership, saying, “No, I can never.”
I’ll question you, as well as all the Nigerian kids who are going up and down, saying various things. Allow them to show us who to follow; do you know who will succeed?

“You don’t know, Professor Wole Soyinka was appointed the founding Corps Marshall of the FRSC, he ran away, he couldn’t stand it. So, tell me if you are able to confirm to me that Jide Kosoko is the best to govern us, then I will follow you. But nobody knows, we are all making trial and errors”

Kosoko said: “So many things are responsible for the situation we find ourselves. I can’t speak for the government but I can’t say Buhari (government) is totally bad either. I’ve never said so, and I may not say so, but I am disappointed in some of his actions. I hate a situation where the APC government will keep reminding us of how bad things have been since PDP assumed power.



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