Trends on the internet can come and go but the internet never forgets!

Social buzz builds an exciting atmosphere that makes its audience on social media anticipate every and entertainment news.

The month of September in this year, 2021 has been tagged, “September to Remember”. This because a lot of “gbas gbos”, meaning mouthwatering gists have been coming into the social media space from left, right and centre. To make matters more interesting, popular blogs have not hesitated to dig up more information about every gist that has surfaced from the celebrities’ corner.

With a focus on Nollywood, this article will make a fix on the centre and turn on the spotlight on King Tonto Dikeh. Tonto Dikeh is a popular, well-loved, successful actress and filmmaker. In past years, she was “happily” married to Churchill Olakunle and together, they birthed a son. But as months rolled by, an unavoidable conflict ensued which later resulted into both Tonto and Churchill resolving their marriage and sealing their divorce proceedings. Both parties moved on and Tonto gained an exclusive custody of their only son.

Months have rolled into years and it seems the loud social media buzz hovering around Tonto Dikeh and her marriage have gone really low. Not until recently when blogs started posting contents and raising suspicions that Tonto Dikeh has found love again. This news brought about mixed feelings from fans across social media platforms even when the news has not been confirmed by Tonto Dikeh herself.

She eventually confirmed this gist about her new found love on her lover’s birthday via her Instagram page. Her captions on his pictures were so lovely, heart-warming and further gingered the “God when” association for an onward movement. She showered him with gifts and all sorts of good things which made her fans drop a lot of comments. Some comments were a clapback on Churchill, prayers for her new love life and some also took time to chastise her about making the same mistake she did with Churchill.

To cut the long story short, let us fast track the hands of time to the moment we are in presently. It started off as a rumour when blogs started posting contents about an unresolved conflict that ensued between Tonto Dikeh and her boyfriend, Prince Kpokpogri. News flying here and there stated that Kpokpogri has illicit sexual affairs with so many young girls in and outside the industry, thereby disrespecting and embarrassing his lover, Tonto. The news became so deafening as several posts indicating clearly that these affairs were happening right under Tonto’s roof.

The moment Tonto Dikeh posted on Instagram attesting to the fact that she regrets being in a relationship with Kpokpogri, confirming the rumors blogs have been posting and appreciating them, social media almost blew up in shock. He was the supposed angel fans thought would compensate Tonto for her marital loss but alas, it became more disappointing that it turned this way. Speculations are still flying around as both parties and their supporters use harsh words to communicate indirectly. So many trending news from the stable of Nollywood is out but this one has been on highlight for quite a while.

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