In what sounds like obvious dissing of celebrity tradition of sharing happy moments with partners on social media, a Nollywood actress, Deborah Shokoya (@debbie_shokoya), has slammed the practice, calling it sign of weakness.

Debbie took to her Instagram page to rant about this wearing a red tanktop and a flower themed pant with a meme;

‘Who am dating or planning to get married to or who am married to, shouldn’t be any body’s business but mine business nd family’s business…I can’t come and post happy pictures of us and later post depression quotes.’

She then proceeded to write:

“You have 100 pictures on instagram, 30 of it are your personal pictures, 20 of it are his pictures, the remaining 50 are pictures of both of you kissing, shopping, doing your sh**s nd u are posting it on instagram, sincerely am still trying to figure out why!…If you wanna celebrate him, yes you can! But it doesn’t mean you should turn your page to you guys lover’s photo album. Then when u guys have issues, you come back to delete the pictures! Are you a learner?? Yes, it’s true that feelings are hard but try and control it…The worst ones are those who go as far as drawing permanent tattoo with their lover’s face/name on their body…Pls when u guys have issues, I will volunteer myself to come and use knife to cut that part off!!!🙄…Receive sense!!! Those who cares are your family and the one you should call to intervene is God and if possible u want third party to solve the issues, call your family! Stop fooling yourself on social media, some people are just there to laugh about ur problems…Just saying What i think, not judging👍”

While some praised her for the post, one response from one of her followers stood out.

@Seiilat wrote:

“At the end of the day! Whatever rocks your boat and makes you happy is what one should do! There is no law or regulations for the matter of the heart! No one enters a relationship with pessimism… we all just always hope for the best! At the end of the day everything in life is about balance! One should learn to balance everything.. ❤”

And we totally agree with her. You only live once, do whatever makes you happy in the moment because tomorrow is not guaranteed. But what do you think?


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