Yomi (@realyomifabiyi) Fabiyi seemed to be the first person to blink first in his fight with his once good friend, Toyin (@toyin_abraham) Abraham, has he had readily called for truce.

In a post on Yomi’s Instagram handle, he called on Toyin to bury the hatchet as he has forgiven her and expected her to do the same.

Recall that the two actors have been at loggerheads for the past 2 years and was compounded when Yomi Fabiyi called out Toyin for insinuating that another Nollywood actress, Mercy (@realmercyaigbe) Aigbe, was an hypocrite.

He wrote:

Everyday that we wake up is a fresh start.

If we are revisiting the past because of regrets, then we need to be clear that we can’t go back and undo what we have done.

Toyin, you know I have always prepared my mind that my friend(s) at any rate and time will offend me and I do forgive in advance. In the case that spilted us, it got the best part of me, I would have judged any other differently too until I was in the shoes.

Many questions may be unanswered, that is fine by me and I know you well, you would have wish some scenarios never happened. Switch to that emotional, kind, remorseful, soft and God fearing Toyin that attracted me to you.

Reflect, be sober and get teary if necessary while making genuine assessment. NOBODY CAN EVER KNOW THE FULL GIST LIKE YOU AND I anyway.

I wish to state unequivocally that I FORGIVE YOU from the depth of my heart. Also, I reacted in a way that is inappropriate afterwards, I HUMBLY APOLOGIZE and to anyone who feel offended, ejo e ma binu.

May God forgive us all. TRUE FRIENDSHIP IS THE BIGGEST CULT and to me, there is nothing like HALF LOYALTY, sad, ours turns out the way it did. We are humans and not aliens after-all. Lessons learnt. I will continue to value and hold you in high esteem. You have many goods with me I can tap strength from.

I love to travel light in this new year. I wish you and your loved ones a WONDERFUL and PROSPEROUS 2019. More success and more wins.


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