A Nollywood sweetheart, Bukola Awoyemi (@oluwabukola_arugba), popularly known as Olubukola Arugba, took to her Instagram handle to give relationship advice.

The wife of the popular actor, Damola Olatunji (@damolaolatunji), in a post advised young ladies to love not for money but belief as extravagance doesn’t last.

In her words,

Build your today with one who can see into the future with you, how/she treats his/her today determines how your tomorrow would be. Do not let today’s rich or poor situation determine your choice. Choose not one whose source of income is shady (scam) , don’t be carried away by the present shady affluence and extravagance, cos such never lasts, and when situations turn sour, the end would be worst than the beginning. Also, do not choose that poor one with no future plans, if he/she is lazy I bet u will remain poor forever, put sentiments aside when he is poor and feels comfortable with it. Rather, pick that dreamer, never relenting, hard working, ever calculating, brilliant, considerate, responsible, God fearing builder and planner, in the nearest future u will watch things fall in place fast, u will be in GOD’s wonder how everything fell into place. Choose prayerfully, with your eyes wide open, watch… Watch watch and pray.

Arugba, whose relationship with her sweetheart started as a rumour in 2014, but were forced to open up when her pregnancy became obvious because Damola was allegedly married at the time, was a graduate of Performing Arts at University of Ilorin.

Her big break came after her lead role in Arugba, a movie produced by Tunde Kelani.

The couple met each other on a movie set in 2013, had twins in 2015 and since legalized their union.


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