Top Nigerian comedian and seasonal actor, AY Makun has mourned the young voter who many are calling a ‘hero’

Reports reaching claim that a young Nigerian voter aged 19 was reportedly shot dead at his polling unit in Ajetachi, Ayangba, Kogi state on February 23, during the presidential elections.

Just before stepping out for elections, Daniel shared a post on social media, where he warned Nigerians to stay safe during the elections and vote instead of fighting. His last words remain a strong message to thousands of Nigerians who are now mourning his passing.

Reports claim that the young man was being forced to vote for a certain party and when he refused, got bullets buried in his body. According to Twitter user identified as @I_Am_Ilemona, Usman was a victim of electoral violence where he stood his ground and refused to vote for any candidate except his choice.

Another report claims that he was killed by stray bullets fired by thugs at the polling area while elections was on-going.

Many Nigerians are calling late Daniel a ‘hero’ for standing firm in the face of injustice and oppression and for boldly defending his vote.

Top Nigerian comedian, AY Makun has joined Nigerians in mourning passing of the brave young man who wanted his vote to count.

May his soul rest in peace.

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