The popular controversial Nollywood actor, Uche Maduagwu has recently revealed that the rumour about Davido having a 4th baby mama was all a prank. The actor said this few hours ago on his official Instagram page.

He posted a handsome picture of Davido on his Instagram page with a note attached to it.The note read,

“Stop hallucinating Davido has no 4th baby mama it was all a prank”

On the post the actor said that the rumour was all a prank from Davido’s spiritual haters.

In his words,

“Stop hallucinating, @davidoofficial has no 4th baby mama, it was all a prank from spiritual haters. Just got off the phone with David, like seriously, how can haters go to spreading fake news in Naija? It’s obvious the spiritual battle for the by fire by force separation of Davido and Chioma has just been taken to a bizzare level, and trust me, this time around, a lawsuit will definitely serve as deterrent to future fake news carrirer. I don’t want to say much now, but those who cooked up this fake news should be ready to defend it in court.Thanks Davido for giving me audience, getting your new telephone number was hectic but it is worth the stress. To those who pleaded with Davido not to arrest the girls who accused him of impregnanting one of them after Chioma welcomed her son, are you seeing how the madness trend is elvolving? Today, it’s a spiritual makeup artist in UK, if lawsuit are not filed, tommorrow, will they not say a banana seller from Afghanistan welcomed his 7th son?”.

Those were the words of the actor.Most people who commented on his post agreed to what he said.They said that Davido has no 4th baby mama.If you ask me, I think I also agree to what he said.

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