Nollywood actress Chioma Grace Ifemeludike has lamented badly about the downfall of the Nigerian movie industry.

According the music industry is performing far better than the movie industry.

This is as a result of negative attitudes that have set in among the players in the industry.

She also continued that, ladies in the industry is making it difficult to be united as compared to the guys.

In an instapost, she said

Dear music legends in Nigeria this love you’re sharing can you extend it to nollywood? Cos hate, envy, competition and jealousy have killed us. Nollywood is drawing back because of too many divisions, unions, organizations etc. NO UNITY, NO LOVE, NO SINCERITY OF PURPOSE!

Everybody wants an opportunity to run a smear campaign about the other. The women in nollywood are so competitive that they careless about love, the goal is whose nyash go big pass the other or who got hour glass shape than the other, or which babe is more trendy! It’s so terrible that we have put vanity before humanity….

Nollywood we got a lot to learn from the music industry if we must go far… LOVE remains the unbeatable goal in LIFE.

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