Seasoned broadcaster and actress, Mabel Akomu Oboh, has found love again! This is coming after over 15 years of staying a divorcee and single parent.

Last Thursday at Eti-Osa Local Government Marriage Registry, Lekki, Lagos, delectable Mabel tied the knot and signed her heart out to her long time friend and lover, Michael Udoh. 

Mabel trained in stagecraft and voice production in Dublin, Ireland after which she worked in Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) for several years.

While in NTA, she wrote, produced and also acted in Victims, a drama series that later became a network production in the ‘80s. With this feat, Mabel became the second female producer in Nigeria after Lola Fani-Kayode of Mirror in the Sun fame.

In a chat with the actress shortly after her wedding, she narrated how her delicate heart finally got struck by Cupid’s arrowShe also talked about what her NGO, Mabel Oboh Centre for Save Our Stars (MOCSOS), is currently doing. Enjoy it.

How do you feel getting married again?

I feel very happy to be married to my long time friend.

How did you meet your husband? 

We met through a mutual friend.

Who is he and how would you describe him?

His name is Michael Udoh. He’s my ideal man. What trips me in men is the heart. And Michael is kind hearted. He is an extremely caring person. Also, he is a humanitarian and very hard working. And that is a winner!

What actually attracted him to you? Or was it love at first sight?

No, it wasn’t love at first sight, but we bonded from the start and we became good friends. He has always been the one I could really express myself to. We understand each other very well and that is the beauty of our relationship. One thing for sure, he adores me and I love the fact that he is a kind hearted man, and very hard working. We love each other’s company. And that is a great thing.

How would you describe love?

Love is difficult to describe. I believe that love should start with good friendship; understanding and great care for one another. No one would want to hurt whom they love.

How did he propose?

My husband took me by surprise the day he proposed to me.  I never expected it. He just flipped out a beautiful engagement ring,   went on his knees and proposed. I was dazed. In fact, I never really thought of remarrying. But at that moment, I couldn’t help but say yes, realising that the only thing missing in our relationship was just the legalities. I thought having him as my best friend was a wonderful thing, but having him now as my husband seals it for me. 

I’m sure you are super excited to have found love again, after all these years.

Yes, after over 15 years, I have found not only love but also my other half, a man that understands me well. I have found a friend that believes in my humanity. That to me is very important. I have found more than love, I found my other heartbeat.

Do you plan to have children together?

We both have children, so having more children is not part of our plan.

What role do you expect him to play in driving the vision for your NGO, MOCSOS?

My husband is a super fan of MOCSOS. I love him more for that. He has always been behind the scene from the onset of MOCSOS.

Recently, you rolled out health insurance scheme for entertainers; can you tell us more about it?

My NGO, Mabel Oboh Centre for Save Our Stars (MOCSOS) recently signed a partnership deal with Ronsberger Insurance Company to provide health insurance for artistes. The insurance scheme has been packaged to benefit Nigerian entertainers who often go cap in hand to beg for financial assistance whenever they are down with one ailment or the other. In the history of the Nigerian entertainment industry, this is the first time an entertainer can independently take a health insurance without being a member of any association or group. In most cases, the fees are usually not affordable not to talk of having health insurance.

MOCSOS is so proud. We have made the impossible possible, For once; Nigerian entertainers have the choice to care for themselves without breaking the bank.

The good news is that, artistes don’t have any excuse to beg (for money) or die carelessly any more. Having access to good medical care through MOCSOS, I believe would put an end to the incessant deaths ravaging the entertainment industry.

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