There is practically no one in Nigeria who does not know who Odunlade Adekola is. Ever since he had graced our screens, the audience can’t just have enough of him.

Odun is a professional actor that interprets his character with ease and ensures he delivers in such a way his audience can connect to.

A graduate of Business Administration at the University of Lagos, the meme king has featured in more than 100 Yoruba movies. His dexterity at changing from one character to the other endears him more to movie lovers.

Odun excels at anything he does as far as entertainment is concerned; scripting, acting, producing and even singing. Back in 2018, we could safely say Odunlade Adekola is the biggest Yoruba actor and indeed the most prominent brand that section of Nollywood has had for a while.

The humble actor came into the limelight when a great actor and movie producer, late Ahmed Alasari, believed in him and gave him a lead role in a movie Asiri Gomina Wa. Odunlade didn’t only deliver, but his impressive acting and carriage put producers and directors on notice. And the grateful actor never shy away from giving the dead actor the credit for the unequalled contributions wherever he had the chance to.

After that, the rest is history! Odun cuts through comedy, action and drama scripts as knife cuts through butter.

One unique thing about this over six feet tall thespian, with commanding presence, is that unlike those comic acts he met in the industry like Baba Suwe and Mr. Latin, who seemed to have been retired because of Odun’s command of the screen, he seemed not to be going anywhere soon… or maybe that was what we thought.

Then Ninalowo Bolanle came into the picture.

A native of Ikorodu in Lagos State, Nina got attentions turned toward him when he won the Revelation of the Year at Best of Nollywood awards back in 2010 and he has not looked back having won several awards ever since.

Nina, who was a former banker after he graduated from both DeVry University and Keller Graduate School of Management in the United States, is also well built and handsome, has almost talents in abundance to compete well with Odun.

His ability to interpret scripts has also endeared him in the minds of the people and ladies look forward to seeing this handsome thespian in movies as they did of Taiwo Hassan, popularly called Ogogo, was back in those days.

Having seen many of his movies, Nina fits into characters just the way Odunlade would. Any movie any of these actors got featured is sure to be very interesting.

Except for singing, there is no role, in English or Yoruba which is their core, that Nina doesn’t square up to Odunlade Adekola.

Both married with kids, having either of the two in a movie is enough assurance that you have not wasted your money for ticket.

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