Joseph, an inspiring transatlantic story of self-discovery, describing a man’s journey as he breaks through the boundaries of his parents, society and culture to find his true identity, will premiere in Nigeria in January.

“Joseph” follows the life of a young, successful doctor in the Caribbean, whose curiosity about Africa drives him to go into the unknown. Rebellious and rebellious, Joseph rejects the warnings and threats of his wealthy medically inclined family to reconnect with his ancestors and discover his true purpose. Joseph investigates
the journey of the central character to his country of origin, blinding viewers with stories about love, acceptance and freedom.

The production that is larger than the screen focuses on misconceptions about Africa, fed by global media, while the many similarities between life in the Caribbean and West Africa are observed.

In honor of the “Year of Return”, “Joseph” premiered in Ghana to give rave reviews, with favorites from Nollywood, Mawuli Gavor, Sika Oseiand the protagonist, Kevoy Burton, who came from Jamaica. The film as stars Shontelle, Alison Hinds, as well as various international actors.

In addition, “Joseph” has been selected for screening at the largest Black film festival in the US, the Pan African Film Festival in Los Angeles (11-23 February).

“Joseph” will premiere on January 22 in Lagos at Filmhouse Cinemas, Landmark Village and will be released nationwide from Friday, January 24.

View the fascinating trailer below:

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