A popular Nollywood actress, (Names withheld) is currently engulfed in serious confusion as she narrates her triangular sex experience which is about to put her in trouble, e-nigeria! reports.

According to the 26 year-old Nollywood actress, she had an affair with an older man in her university days, got pregnant for him and the union produced a baby boy, but coincidentally, in an attempt to move on and settle down with a man of her dreams, she just discovered the unexpected. READ ON…

I am a lady of 26 years, and I have been following your platform for a while now.

Sir, I dated a married man when I was in the university of Calabar he was 59 years-old then and I got pregnant for him, I tried to terminate it but it was impossible, I gave birth to a baby boy and he’s 5 year-old now.

This man took care of me and up till now he’s still taking care of the child, but he told me he cannot marry me and his wife must not know he has a child outside which I kept to.

During my service year, I was posted to Abuja where I met another guy who promised to marry me with my son, he even like the boy when he met with him, this guy has done so much for me and he’s very caring. I took in for him last year December and I told him in February this year when the pregnancy was less than 3-month, I have met his mum when she came to Abuja to visit my fiance and she accepted me and encouraged me to love myself and also love my son because the child will be great, my fiance and I planned to come together to Lagos this year march to see his both parents so that we can start planning for our wedding immediately, but due to lock-down it was impossible for me to come over to Lagos.

I and my fiance came to Lagos on Wednesday and straight to his parents’ house and it was a big shock when I discovered that my son’s father is also the father of my fiance. I’m 7-months pregnant. I have been in the hospital close to their house since yesterday because I collapsed, am a little bit ok now but as am writing this post I don’t know what to do yet, I’m just crying.

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