The private screening of the much-awaited Coming From Insanity was a rather short one. Though most of the cast and crew checked in quite early to enjoy the fulfillment of seeing their work after several months of , it was rather disappointing that the 1hour 40minutes movie couldn’t screen beyond 20, because of audio problems.

Movie enthusiast, fans and well wishers rather made do with smiles, chat and selfies with the cast and crew, since the private screening came to an abrupt end. But trust NollyTrailers to get you the juicy part.

In a chat with Gabriel Afolayan, he noted his disappointment, but was quite optimistic that the public screening commencing from the 5th of April will be without any hitches. He added that viewers should watch out for one of the best best character play of his career.

Coming From Insanity has been on the rather of movie lovers for months. Telling an unusual story of the plight of less-privileged individuals who have to give up their life’s dream for the sake of survival. It’s a story that brings to bare how potentials of many young ones are wasted, or at worst, compromised through lifetime of service as domestic staff. Kossi, well played by Gabriel, took his ingenuity and applied at in a wrong venture of dollar counterfeiting, because he hadn’t the opportunity of mind and character building that education provides.

For movie lovers out there, hit the cinemas to see how destiny played out for the young man as he took chances with life.

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