Ever since Yemisi Banjoko dropped the movie Alter Date, it hasn’t stopped breaking the news on both sides of the Atlantic. From the glitz and glamour of the London Premiere in late 2018, to the gist springing from rumoursville, the film has remained on the lips of many industry watchers and movie enthusiasts. The star-studded movie has been reported to have cut deep into the producer’s purse, particularly because it was intended to set a standard for Nollywood Diaspora. It had been hinted that it was pricey to make-happen the attendance of all major casts at the London Premiere, most of whom are based in Nigeria. Of course this generated a lot of buzz for the movie, mostly positive, but some not so great.One of such down-south hum was the gist about the casts being prevented from interacting with the fans. It was rumoured that organizers had stopped the stars from taking photos with their fans for whatever reason, and a lot negative comments trailed this gist.

Well, in a bid to oil the trouble water, the movie producer has come out to deny that claim. Yemisi Banjoko, speaking on behalf of herself and the organizers of the event, denied ever ordering the blanketing of the stars. She insisted that on the contrary, many fans and moviegoers had a fantastic time with the stars, taking selfies and chatting at will. The swag prince and leader of the ‘returnee Yoruba demon’ clan, Bola Ninalowo, turned up with other lead cast like the graciously beautiful Tana Adelana and Lilian Esoro. These stars had their glam-time with their fans, as against the story that persisted on online news media about them.

Banjoko, who had earlier disregarded this rumour, gave her unequivocal position on the matter to clear all doubts and satisfy the curiosity of many anxious fans who cannot wait to see the movie in Nigeria.

Alter Date goes live on Nigeria’s big screens from Friday, April 19th 2019 . For all movie enthusiasts and fans of the cast, hit the Cinemas across Nigeria to see this blockbuster and you may just get a bonus selfie with your idol, as the lead cast will be out to meet with their fans in appreciation of their love and support for them.

Alter Date is about three friends; an unlucky material girl, an unlucky lover girl and a lucky male comforter friend of theirs with a truckload of drama. Their experiences and exploits play out in a funny and dramatic way. All roles well planned by our sweetheart Nolly stars, with spice of beautiful faces for your viewing pleasure. You don’t wanna miss this!

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