When the news hit the media that Woli Arole (@officialarole), the comic act, has produced his first movie which gave him the bragging right as a bonafide Nollywood actor, little did the industry stakeholders who scuffed at his effort knew how relentlessly he would work on the movie post production.

It was initially seen as joke when the standup comedian took to his Instagram to aggressively promote the movie before its premiere. As against the lukewarm approach of going on Instagram walls to push out posts and giveaways to attract more followership to the social media platforms dedicated to the movie, Arole used a very different approach.

He has been seen jumping from one cinema to the other to personally welcome, relate and appreciate the movie goers spending their hard earned money to see his movie. Not only that, he gave them a kind of celebrity treatment by introducing them to his almost one million followers for special treatment.

Arole has also been able to get celebrities from all walks of life to endorse the movie and do the The Call pose. He ensured that K1 the Ultimate, Gbenga Adeyinka, Don Jazzy, Elenu, Ijebu, to mention a few received the call.

Unlike some other producers and actors, Woli Arole actually went out there to claim his numbers, sending a strong message to the industry that he is not here to joke.

Nollytrailers has not seen the movie, but would keep you inform on its review when we do.

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