While heartbreak, loss of a dear one, could make some soft hearted women cry, voluptuous and outspoken Nollywood actress, Nkechi Blessing Sunday is not part of such category.

The actress cum filmmaker who just released her latest production, Unsane, reveals what makes her cry.

“Negative comments of trolls on my social media pages can’t make me cry. Even those criticizing me after seeing my movies only make me want to do better in my next movie, so it’s always welcomed.
Nothing can ever make me cry, well only when my food is delayed. I love food a lot,” she gushed.

With her curves and charming body, Nkechi is always a center of attraction, especially on her Social media pages.
Asked how she handles male fans who slide into her DM lusting after her body, she says: “It is a normal thing, I just read and ignore. Nothing else can be done about it.”

Shedding more lights on the inspiration behind her latest project, Unsane, Abia State born thespian hinted that it is a true life story.
“The movie Unsane is a true life story. A very close friend of mine is suffering from developmental disorder and he doesn’t even know. He acts slow and stupid at times. Making people feel he’s insane, until he got help and was treated. That’s why I decided to tell the story with a movie.

I picked my character based on individual delivery. Femi that acted the sick guy did perfectly well because of his looks and how he talks. It is our on YouTube now. We are working on the CD version.”

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