It is no longer news that the Nigerian movie industry has been unfortunate with the activities of piracy of stakeholders’ intellectual properties, which have been responsible in running many out of business.

Even though many attempts had been taken in the past to address this, none seemed to discourage these nefarious activities nor the perpetrators.

In an attempt to truly say enough is enough, a veteran Nollywood actor, Yemi Solade, has taken it upon himself to take the fight against piracy to the street.

His renewed annoyance was unconnected with Genevieve’s Lionheart that has massively fallen into the hands of the men of the underworld with pirated copes of movie being sold freely on the street of Lagos.

In a post, Yemi Solande said, “I just battled a VENDOR of this movie in Ikeja (Lagos) just now……SO VERY SAD!”

It’s believed that if each stakeholder in the industry also makes it an habit to face up to the vendors selling pirated jobs, regardless of whose work it is, it may go a long way in chasing these guys underground, where they could be tracked down.

Well-done Yemi!

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