Talented Nigerian actor, Saheed Balogun, recently shared a photo of his children on social media.

In the post which he shared on Instagram, the movie star who was out with his children noted that he was carrying out daddy duties.

The filmmaker, who has refused to give in to age dressed up in jeans a jacket, a face cap, and sneakers to match.

His beautiful kids looked cute in their simple but nice outfits, as they smiled at the camera for a photo with their father.

Saheed captioned the photo:

“Daddy duties with @khalidgram__ @itisjamal_1 Aaliyah and Enny. Me as yuppie daddy.”

” yuppie Daddy where is zinat? complement of The season.”


“God bless this home.”


“Lovely family. Happy new year.”


“This is lovely, May God Almighty bless them for you.”


“Happy new year to the BALOGUNS.”


“Well done sir, may Allah be pleased with you and your family sir.”


“You are doing well.”


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