Actress Destiny Etiko has advised that we should cut our coats according to our sizes because it cost you a lot more money to pretend that you have money when you actually don’t have it.

Destiny Etiko for some reason decided to plead with individuals to do things or live life according to their means and not pretend to be rich when in actual sense they aren’t rich and it cost a lot more to pretend that you are rich.

Pretending to be something or someone you aren’t just to fit somewhere might cost you more than you could afford and Destiny Etiko has reminded us to cut our coats according to our sizes and not what others are doing because it cost more to pretend to be rich.

This advice of Destiny Etiko seems to be directed at an actress or a public figure, or celebrity who is pretending to be rich or making others see him or her as someone who has money when actually they don’t have but thanks to social media only those close to the person would know the truth.

Some actresses agreed with the post of Destiny Etiko saying if only they will accept the truth and cut their coats according to their sizes without pretending to have money even though they know it will cost them more to pretend to be what they aren’t.

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