Actress Eniola Badmus has confidently claimed she carries her body unapologetically asking her fans whether they agree with her or not.

Eniola Badmus sharing a photo of herself rocking some amazing outfit said she carries her body unapologetically even though she is chubby asking her fans whether they agree with her on that or not.

Eniola Badmus happens to be part of the few chubby female celebrities who have been dragged for trying to slay like others but then doesn’t bother about all that because her confidence level is very high and believes in herself.

Whether she’s chubby or not, Eniola Badmus is very beautiful and carries her body unapologetically therefore we agree with most of her fans that she carries her body in the most confident way that some ladies who aren’t chubby even can’t.

Just as Bobrisky said while commenting on her photo, Eniola Badmus is someone who knows what fits her body and goes for that and she looks perfect in them all carrying herself so lovely and amazing without bothering about what others think.

The love from her fans is also amazing and even though some tries to kill her confidence, others encourage her to love herself and that is exactly what she’s doing.

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