There is a brewing war between UK-based Nollywood actress, Victoria Inyama and Made Men Music Group (MMMG) boss, Ubi Franklin’s baby mama, Sandra Iheuwa.

Trouble started when Sandra Iheuwa took her Instagram page and wrote;

“My dear single moms and baby mamas alike, it’s not by dressing up every other day and “slaying” on social media just to be seen as “doing well” or like Nigerian favorite word “Classy”. My friend will you get to work and be useful not only to yourself but to the child/children you brought into this world.”

“If you collect child support every month put that money to good use by starting up something even if it’s small because that money go stop someday if you dont receive 1 cent from the father of your child find something to do o….”

“I know someone who is a single mom but her priority in this life is to take pictures and post on Ig I dont know if she is trying to pepper the father of her child/Children…..but sis the real come up is to level up financially….step on those necks and elevate. You can’t be slaying on the gram with $500 in your bank account 🤷‍♀️”

However, Victoria Inyama responded and slammed her, saying she is also a single mother and that the father of her child didn’t date or marry her.

She wrote; “My dear Sandra Iheuwa as you stated single moms and baby mama makes it very clear that you are actually advising yourself… bear in my that most single mothers are widows who are distraught at the sudden loss of her husband, other single mothers also fall into my category where they had to leave their marriage before they get killed/die from domestic/abuse..”

“Pick your category and chill there afterall the father of your child didn’t even date you well nor had plans of marriage with you…”

“Attack your co and don’t generalize wiht your uninformed biased mind… Being a single mother does not warrant your arrant rant… what do you do again???”

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