Few months ago, the social media among Nigerian users blew into flames on the wake of the marriage engagement between the 60 year old billionaire Sen Ned Nwoko and the 19 year old beautiful Nollywood actor Regina Daniels.

As expected, there was huge mixed reactions among fans and concerned people across social media platforms. Many believed her decision was wrong and others extol her for her courage to embrace the enviable life of serendipity presented to her.

The latest news that has gotten mouths wagging again, is the worrisome and controversial prophecy of one powerful traditional spiritualist and renowned seer, Dr Kenneth Alaba. In his prognostication, he revealed that the relationship between Regina Daniels and Ned Nwoko was programmed to last for 5 years despite all the spiritual sacrifices done to prevent it. The spiritualist further exposed that, contrary to what many believed to be a marriage rites between the two was merely a spiritual obligation which must be fulfilled. And Regina Daniel was a necessary means to an end.

Could this be true? How will this affect the career of Regina Daniels? Will this revelations and aftermaths hamper the her future relationship with real suitors? Your mind searching guesses is as wide as mine.

The truth is that, this latest turn of events beckon worries for everyone concerned because, this same spiritualist, Dr Kenneth Alaba has been proven in the past to be very reliable in foretelling future events correctly. Many people come to him for spiritual revelations, exorcisms and other spiritual works.

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