According to Moyo, she has been keeping to her body in the several relationships she has been in. Hence, for her, it was not a necessity for a couple to engage in the act of making love while dating or courting themselves.

The lady insinuated that she has not had to engage in sleeping with any man due to being in a relationship. But then, Moyo also hinted that she is thinking of dropping this standard she has personally set for herself.

For her, being true to this way of life meant that she had to sleep alone and become lonely against her wish. Hence, Moyo highlighted that she would love to drop off and compromise by practising the popularly embraced premarital contact with the opposite gender.

Moyo had talked about this very personal belief and thoughts on her Instagram page. She poured out her frustration about being lonely and having to be alone especially when she had cause to travel.

Even more, the actress posed a question to her fans. She wanted to know if a relationship could thrive without the couple having to have a bodily knowledge of each other. Also, Moyo highlighted the fact that many ladies have taken to getting pregnant even before marriage.

For the beautiful actress, she was worried that not giving herself up in such manner would lead to an inability to find a husband for herself.

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“I have disciplined my self so much , that I am literally fighting battles to undiscipline myself ….. … In this generation , how will I ever find a husband without compromising …. …. ….. …. ”

Fans and friends of the actress have taken to answering this relationship question posed by the lady. They gave their candid opinions about the issue as well as their reservation.

A lady had actually gone ahead to attack Moyo by questioning her claim of being celibate when she wore more of revealing dresses that made her look sultry.

Moyo Lawal did not actually let this accusation go. She responded to this fan in just as sarcastic a way as the lady had approached her.

See other reactions to Moyo’s words below:

oniojey: “@moyolawalofficial I did not sleep with my wife before I married her. An understanding and God fearing man will over come the temptation. It is not easy, but with God all things are possible. I strongly believe that you will find a man who will love you for who you are and desist from asking before marriage. However, you need to remain steadfast in prayers, acknowledging your beauty in and out. (The way we portray ourselves tells a lot about us) Remain blessed always.”

zhan_dhi: “@moyolawalofficial You will find the right man for you just hang in there. You are beautiful,ambitious and i look up to you always. The right guy that will respect your wish is on his way MOYO. You deserve the best Mami. A lil more time is all it takes… Pls KFB mummy @moyolawalofficial.”

oba_focus: “Aunty what you are looking for is hard to see oo, but am sure you will get … .. ……diamonds are scarce but you can still get it.”

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