Truthfulness, is said to be next to Godliness, this must be the train of thought on the mind of Nollywood actress, Yetunde Aderigbe who confessed to Potpourri in an interview that she got into acting for so many wrong reasons but maintained that she has since made a U-turn to embrace noble aspirations in her chosen career.

“ My journey in the industry has been very funny because I got into the industry for the wrong reasons at first. I used to be a clout chaser, I just wanted to be famous. I got into acting so I could get more money from men but as I get older I realised it has to be about passion and purpose,” she said.

When quizzed if other actresses she knows had confessed same to her, she retorted saying:

“I don’t know about others I can only speak for myself.”

Yetunde Aderibigbe’s journey into the make-believe world began in 2009 under a platform owned by Omogoriola Hassan (Neehas Production) where she was tutored for two years. She then took a break to have her child and returned later to continue her training only this time under Dele Ogundipe.

Over the years she has distinguished herself as a star of the future, featuring in many blockbusters movies. Some of those are First Blood by Kunle Afod; Sister Sister by Yemi Terry; My Experience and I; Ile Oge amongst others.

On her own she has produced three movies, namely; Ohuntimofe, Omo Jabezzi, Borderline and her newest project tiled ‘My Love Story’

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