Apparently, our sister here has a very high libido and she says she can get kinky under the sheets five times a day. Her name is Rosemary Ugonma Kalu and she a Nollywood actress.

Rosemary made this interesting disclosure on Glam Squad Magazine during a recent interview. Speaking on sex for role in Nollywood, she said;

I hear people talk about these matter, funny enough I have never been approached on that. Most directors I know and have worked with are just responsible and strict.

Maybe it happened before, here, most directors are professionals besides why on earth will you subject yourself to that point. I can’t give you sex for a role, knowing I am good in my job. Sex should be a two-way thing. Something must make us do it.

Continuing, she said;

Honestly, I love sex. As long as you can satisfy me very well, we can have it as much as we want, even 5 times daily.

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