Reading Mike Ezuruonye’s vituperation against his colleague, Kunle Afolayan, it was evident there was more to that reaction than a spontaneous riposte. It was an obvious overkill stoked by pent-up animosity. More like it.

Kunle had reposted claims by a follower accusing Mike of scam on his instastory, with an intention, according to Kunle, to dismiss the claims. But Mike considered the action a betrayal of friendship since it seemed it was intended to dis him, more so without seeking clarification from him.

Really, I thought it was legit of Mike to expect such from a friend and colleague, deemed to have your back. But, perhaps, it was also a question of both comprehension and communication breakdown.

However, it’s not my thing to interfere, when professional colleagues spoil for war or are in an ego dispute. But I couldn’t look away from this, because of these two brilliant fellows.

Mike is one of my favorite actors. For sighting him alone in a movie, I could sit all day to watch the movie even if not interesting. Kunle, on the other hand is my very good friend, with whom I share mutual respect.

But what I found disappointing in Mike’s reaction was the deliberate attempt to ethnicise a matter between him and a colleague. That’s dangerous and it’s one of the reasons Nigeria is where it is today. Ethnicity is a destructive fault line we have always contended with as a nation.

I kept seeking answers to his claims that Kunle hates the Igbo and could not find one, not even from my Igbo friends. He claimed Kunle detests casting anyone from the Igbo extraction and yet, Kunle, over the years had featured such names like Zack Orji, Patience Ozokwor, Kanayo o Kanayo, Ken Erics, Angela Philips, Chidima Ekile and Omoni Oboli, amongst others.

Besides, after reading Kunle’s clarification on the matter, I was very ashamed for Mike, a man I admire so much because of his acting prowess. Mike, truth is, you overreacted and in the process, overshot the runway. You said a lot too much, only because you misunderstood Kunle’s position. Just maybe!

However, you gave yourself away as having a “personal thing” against Kunle. That isn’t cool. Kunle is not the type to hate anyone from other ethnic nationalities, at least, from the much I know of him and you just messed up your otherwise “just case”.

I believe you guys are still friends and should be able to glide over this exchange with ease. But next time, when fighting a good cause, always drop the ethnic card. It would always do more harm to your case as the complainant.


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