Apparently, the fake food vendor reached out to Etinosa through her Instagram to ask for financial assistance in her food business as she went on lamenting about her ordeals, the actress fell for the trick and offered to assist her by sending her money. The fake food vendor absconded with the money and blocked the actress off her page.

Here is what Etinosa wrote;

“Remember this lady I felt compassion for? Do you know that he or she took my money, deleted this comment and BLOCKED ME? Lol. Smh. Fortunately, my bro @kapachiino took a screenshot of it that night and tried to tell me it could be scam. It’s ok, I have used the money to do giveaway to that person. I also pray that God will provide for him or her so they don’t have to be a thief anymore. I know the person can see this. Love always💜”


Brief screenshot of their conversation;

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