Popular Nollywood actress, Eniola Badmus has been trolled again on Instagram by some of her followers.

The trolling comes after the plus-size actress shared a video of her self rocking a short black dress with a cute revealing Bra underneath.

Reacting to the video, an Instagram user identified as @star.star.ste wrote;

“Look at how beautiful you look. You decided to let the world see your sleeping breast and now you have nicely lifted them with a bra. Some of you so-called celebrity should stop disgracing ladies. Must everyone show their naked body to the world?”

Another troll identified as @queenofstreetnigga also wrote;

“don’t mind her dey will never tell her the truth, say the clothe no fit am shapeless old woman”

Nollytrailers recalls that Eniola Badmus recently cautioned those people who constantly troll her on social media about her body.

According to the movie star cum producer, she can never depressed.

In her words; “It is not everything I can talk about but sometimes, some things get to me. I have developed a tough skin over time but I am also human. When things become overwhelming, I have to express myself and pour out my thoughts. Everyone has a threshold on different matters. The way people go about body shaming is hilarious. I did not come into the industry as a skinny girl. I have always been a chubby girl. It is now when I am trimming down that the comments are coming.”

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