Why does it feel like malaria and HIV/AIDS are the only illnesses people suffer from in Nigeria? It is probably because those are the only health issues that get shown in Nigerian movies. We feel compelled to talk about the issue after looking for a Nigerian movie about Hepatitis B on 28 July and found none.

Throughout history, epidemics and diseases, from malaria to HIV and everything in between have plagued humanity. Nollywood only makes movies about leukaemia and mentally ill people running around on the streets. It is almost impossible to find any Nigerian movies about contagious diseases to help enlighten people and create awareness on how people can help deal with certain health issues in the country.

Nigerian movies and Health Issues
Clinic Matters, Nigerian comedy series did a bad job in disease representation.
From Nollywood Archive

What does Nollywood really care about? Romance? Drama? If Nollywood wants to help save the country, they should put up their fight on the big screen. We saw the clinical Nigerian series called ‘Clinic Matters’. One would imagine that the series would go through several conditions – rare, chronic diseases and disorders and maybe create awareness on them. Instead, the series was almost void of any disease representation and was mostly about the lifestyle of nurses and doctors.

Ages and ages of Cholera outbreak in Nigeria, yet Nollywood pretends that the best part of life is romance. However, thanks to the 2016 movie ’93 Days’ about Ebola outbreak, it helped break the cycle of romance and drama for once.

Nigerian movie ’93 Days’ broke the cycle of romance and drama for once.

Nigeria has one of the highest rates of child mortalities in the world. Yet there is no awareness about this in the movies and issue keep growing. Dry, a movie by Stephanie Linus is still one unique Nigerian movie after it shed light on child marriage and childbirth. The storyline is still unbeaten in Nigeria since its release in 2014.

Nollywood must stop avoiding informative and important life issues. We want genres of Nigerian movies to grow out of romance and comedies if Nollywood wants to remain relevant. We also recommend you enlighten yourself with the movies on this list.

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