She is one of the fast rising Nollywood divas, arguably set to be one of the future players of the industry. She has been able to carve a niche for herself in Nollywood. With seven movie productions to her credit and impressive appearances in top rated movies, Kikelomo Ayoola’s rising profile has been touted by industry stakeholders as quite impressive and prospective.

In this chat with NOLLYTRAILERS, pretty KK, as fondly called by friends and admirers, answers questions concerning her career, personality and aspirations. Enjoy:

Can we know you?

My name is Kikelomo Ayoola. An indigene of Osun State. I’m from a humble home of not rich and not poor. I grew up in a polygamous home with my mother being the second wife.

Any other interest aside acting?

I run a mini supermarket in Lagos.

How did you start acting?

I started acting through my former boyfriend. I remembered when I was in school, I had problem with one of my courses and was given one year suspension. So one of my friends introduced me to Toyin Adewale. I became friends with her and followed her to location. With this exposure, my passion for acting intensified, hence my decision to give it a full shot by starting with Taofeeq Abisogun alias ‘Talo Pa Jesu’ in Osogbo, Osun State.

What is you professional resume?

I am an actress and a producer. I have produced seven movies as at now namely: Eni Aye kan, Aworan, Sekunmiderin, Ebu Ika, Ijesha Ni Ere, Alomoko, Asotele, Samia while Oko Longe is not yet out and I have also featured in many movies that I can’t even remember.

Any embarrassing moments?

I have had many challenges but I can still remember my experience on my first time at location. After shooting, I was told to find my way home at a very late hour without any provision for accommodation and I didn’t have any money with me. I actually and literally slept on the bare floor but I woke up early at 5:00am to avoid being seen by anybody. Another experience was my experience with Muyiwa Ademola. What really happened was that I was just smarting out of the experience I had from my acting in ‘Ta Lo Pa Jesu’ with Ibrahim Chatta as a local champion when I got paired with Muyiwa Ademola owing to a recommendation by a top producer. I actually ‘hyped’ myself to him that that I have acted in many movies knowing fully well I only acted in just one. So when the man wanted to shoot his film, he gave me ten scenes with Muyiwa Ademola. Interestingly, I really felt so jittery at location when it was time for shooting, it got so bad that I ended up with just one scene; no thanks to my inability to face the camera.

Who is your role model?

I really love Toyin Abrahams.

Your favoruite work ever?

Ijesha Ni Ere! I also love my character in ‘Fatherhood’ and ‘Idakeji Aye’.

Do you have anything in offing?

I just finished work on my latest work titled ‘Oko Longe’ and will be out very soon. Presently, I am cooking another film titled ‘Silifa Elebolo’.

What do you aspire for?

I am a believer in God and in myself. With these virtues, I know the sky is my limit; personally and professionally. I don’t depend on anybody but God and I know with my hard work, it is well with me.

Are you in a relationship at the moment?

I am not in love or into a relationship presently because I am yet to see someone I love.

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