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OAP and actor Steve Onu, popularly known as Yaw has released the trailer to his upcoming romantic-comedy movie ‘Smash’, which follows the hilarious adventures of five best friends; Somachi, Madu, Anayo, Somto and Hector, as they evade marriage, despite their individual success and the unyielding pressure that comes with being unmarried at their ages.

5 young men, 5 different career paths. 5 different lifestyles. 5 different excuses not to get married now. Flimsy and funny excuses and that’s the one thing they all have in common in Smash.

Smash is the Romantic-Comedy story of Somachi, Madu, Anayo, Somto and Hector.

Hector likes all kinds of girls but there’s a problem. He just wont marry anyone of them. At least not now.

Somto fiance just called off her wedding with him. And this is after fire gutted his warehouse. But who cares about a wedding-cancelling fiance? Somto’s motto is: Warehouse First. After all, he really wasn’t ready for marriage. At least not for now.

Anayo is very romantic but he’s not just into ladies. And his mother makes his marriage-delay even easier when she tells him he can’t marry a certain Yoruba girl.

When filing an online form, Madu was asked his sex, and he responds “three times daily”. That would be him trying to be modest. Madu’s first nature is Sex. The second nature is more sex. Bad news is he loses interest after Sex.

Three S’s describe Somachi – selective, stingy and superstitious. The 4th S is Secondary School leaver.

Somachi, unlike his other friends, truly wants to get married as soon as he can. But every lady he meets is some suspect.

The first ‘S’ of ‘SMASH’ is from Somachi, M – from Madu, A- from Anayo, S – from Somto and H – from the first of Hector.

SMASH weaves the personal experiences of these five friends into an emotional and entertaining plot that ends with Anayo eventually marrying his Yoruba girlfriend Nike.

And while they begin their happily-ever-after, Anayos friends still tolerate same unifying problem

Marriage can’t just be now.

The film was directed by filmmaker John Njamah, with Yaw serving as the producer and serves as his first self-produced movie.

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