Nollywood director and producer, Henry Okoro passed away on Saturday, May 11, 2019, in a car crash.

Okoro’s death makes it the 15th in Nollywood in the last five months after the death of actor, Adio Majester.

There are many things you probably don’t know about movie practitioner before his death

Henry Okoro and his wife got married on December 1, 2017. [Instagram/HPMedia30]

Here are the five things you probably didn’t know about Henry Okoro.

1. A loving husband

Henry Okoro was described as a loving husband and a true family man.[Instagram/HPMedia30]

Henry Okoro got married on December 1, 2017. According to a few friends, the movie practitioner was a loving husband, who stopped at nothing to see his lovely wife happy. Before his death on May 11, 2019, he was expecting to meet his first child. His wife is pregnant.

2. Over a decade in the movie industry

Henry Okoro on the set of 'Super Hero' in 2004 [Instagram/HPMedia30]

The late Henry Okoro has been in the movie industry since early 2000. He has worked in various parts of the movie industry before he became a camera assistant. Okoro has worked as a camera assistant, to the director of photography, director and an executive producer. He also starred in a couple of movies and has at least 10 movies to his credit before taking a backseat to work behind the camera.

3. Unreleased movie projects

Henry Okoro's colleagues testified to his doggedness and tenacity at work.[Instagram/HPMedia30]

Most of Henry Okoro’s colleagues testified to his tenacity and doggedness. He was referred to as a workaholic who was willing to make an impact on the Nollywood scene. His first big movie, ‘7 days in coma,’ was released in 2017. Okoro has three unreleased movie project and they are ‘Prenup,’ ‘Knock Knock,’ and ‘House 7’. He was working on another movie set before his death. He’s widely referred to as Don Sniff

4. Educational background

Henry Okoro graduated from the Imo State University before joining the movie industry. [Instagram/HPMedia30]

Henry Okoro was well trained before venturing into the world of movies. Though he lived a better part of his life in Aba, Enugu, and Owerri before moving to Lagos, he finished from the government college in Umuahia in 199 before proceeding to the Imo State University, where he graduated with a degree in Business Administration.

5. A family man

Late Henry Okoro introduced his big brother, Kennedy Okoro to movie making. [Facebook/Henry Okoro Prosper]

Though he is the third son and occupies the fourth position in the family of five children, Okoro was born on March 30. He hails from Aba in Abia state and has three brothers namely Kennedy Okoro, Ugochukwu Okoro, Frank Okoro and one sister, Lilian Chinekwu. According to some of his friends, Okoro was responsible for his elder brother, Kennedy Okoro’s incursion into movie making. Kennedy is the Chief Executive Officer at Image filmworks.

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