Love is a beautiful thing, and enjoying each other’s company from time to time is something many couples do. Even though honeymoon vacations are taken after weddings, some couples wait until a while or years after marriage before they go on honeymoon.

Nigerian actor Adeyemi Okanlanwon has revealed that he waited for six years before he could finally take his wife on their honeymoon. The actor shared a post on Instagram stating his reason for the delay.

Okanlanwon expressed that he had promised his wife a trip to France for their honeymoon, and he was only able to fund the trip after six years of their marriage.



According to him, his wife had volunteered to contribute for the trip, but he refused to let her. He added that she had used her contributions for things around the house.

The proud husband and father of two kids shared a photo of himself and his wife in France at the Louvre pyramid as they shared a kiss.

Meanwhile, we had earlier reported that veteran Nollywood couple, Olu Jacobs and Joke Silva, are as happy as ever as they perform their grandparents duties. Joke Silva recently shared a photo of herself and husband with their grandchild. She expressed that she is grateful to be a grandma.

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