Nigerian actor Mofe Duncan has set the record straight on the story that he is duping women and using the funds to travel abroad. He posted a clip where he addressed scammers who use his photos to dupe people and have them believing he is the one at the hem of the ill affair.

The obviously upset actor shared his experience trying to calm a woman who wanted to take her own life because she had been duped of her hard-earned money. Apparently, she had been led to believe that she was talking to Duncan, a potential love interest but was left in the cold when it turned out all false.

According to Mofe, the lady had dedicated a year and a lot of her money in building a relationship with the imaginary Duncan and was hurt to find that he wasn’t the one all along.

Duncan stated that he felt sorry for her and put a warning out to people who use his photos for such things. He reiterated that he works hard to build his brand and will appreciate it not being tarnished by liars and fraudsters.

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Here’s how it happened.

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Meanwhile, in a statement recently released by the actor, Mofe, over the state of his marriage, he first, thanked everyone for their concern and love. Then, he went on to pray for them.

Following this, the screen god went on to talk about his marital crisis. According to him, his marriage had been done and dusted for over a year but he and his family had been waiting for the right time to talk about it. Mofe asserted that the breakup has not badly affected him as his family is doing well and he has moved on with his life and career.

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