Popular Nollywood actress Nkechi Blessing has been spotted having a heated argument with some street thugs on a movie set. The actress was seen cursing the street thugs for trying to disrupt the set.

A video making rounds on the internet showed a crowded street where people were seen arguing. The actress’ voice could be heard in the background of the video cursing out the street thugs.

According to her, the street thugs tried to disrupt the movie set in a bid to stop the actors from working.

In the video, the actress was heard cursing the thugs, saying that they did not give her money to produce the movie. One of the thugs was also being held down as he was questioned over switch off the generator the actors were using to power the set.

It was gathered that the street thugs allegedly disrupted the movie set to force the actors into giving them bribes.

Meanwhile, we had earlier reported that the Nollywood actress recently decided to spoil herself a little like most celebrities. The beautiful actress joined the league of people who own a Mercedes Benz.

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