Nollywood actress, Ruth Kadiri is definitely one who has little time for anything that can threaten her work as an artiste and this is clearly reflected in her recent post on social media.

According to the movie actress, scriptwriter and producer, she will not promote any work that does not represent her well as an individual and as a brand. She stated that despite the fact that she takes pride in her works, the respect for brands has got to be mutual.

She wrote:“I am one who is known to promote my works. I’m proud of every movie I feature in and I as much I as I can want to help promote it. If I partake in your film as an artist you owe it to me to represent me well as an individual and as a brand. So get it, If I shoot a movie and play a lead role I expect the following;

My character should be well represented on your poster or trailer if I’m not well represented I will not post it. If I spend so much time shooting your movie and the picture quality looks like something from 1932, and u send me the trailer I will not post it.”

If I see myself looking like a something that doesn’t represent the role I played in your movie. Or you create a poster that is utterly disgusting and with less quality I will not post it. If you call your movie vulgar names and ridiculous names that you never titled the movie while we where shooting I will not post it. Respect my brand and I will respect yours. We all worked so hard to get here thanks

While we are not certain to whom the message is directed at, it appears she has had enough of the misrepresentation and believed the public announcement was necessary.

In other news, the Nollywood movie star recently confirmed reports of her marriage on social media. The thespian posted a photo of herself sporting her wedding ring and she did not stop there. Ruth also made sure to include her husband’s name, Ezerika, to her social media profile.

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