Top Nollywood actress Nuella Njubigbo whose marriage to director Tchidi Chikere stirred controversy years ago said she has moved on.

Before her husband met her, he was married to Sophia Williams. In a chat, the actress revealed how she managed to fight the battle that dragged her name in the mud.

Her words:

“The scandal has come and gone. It is five years already. I really don’t allow things like that get to me. When you know yourself and know that certain things said about you are not true, you just have to be calm and let time play out. It heals the wounds”.

On marriage and motherhood, the actress said:

“For now, all our kids are doing fine. My step kids are in boarding school and doing well. When they are not in school, they are with me.

I’m still very much relevant, producing and acting. I have done three movies this year. So, I have been very active. In general marriage and motherhood has taught me to be a better person.

Now, I am more responsible. I don’t just do things because I want to, but put my family into consideration first.

Decisions I take must have to suit them before I forge ahead.The experience has also made me more hardworking, I have to always think about the future and how best to make it worthwhile for us all.
I always want to leave a good legacy for my children.”

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