They say love is the most powerful force and the only thing that can actually change the world. The power of love is manifested in different areas of life and most times, it is easily recognised between two lovers who dedicate their existence to the betterment of their partner.

In a world where divorce happens too often, seeing a couple fight through thick and thin just to be together is the purest love story. Photos of a certain couple who have been together for seventy-one years have emerged on social media and the very fact that their love has passed the test of time is nothing short of inspiring.

The lovers must have captured hearts when they posed in matching outfits and announced to the world that they have been together since 1948. That’s having lived through Nigeria gaining its independence and all the military coups, up until Nigerian transitioned into civilian rule and now attempting democracy.

Left to the master story tellers, this would make a very interesting tale of love that surpasses trials and thrives because two individuals decided to choose each other against the world.

Below are the adorable photos:

Meanwhile, it is a period of double celebration in the household of Nollywood actor Ernest Obi, who recently celebrated his wife’s birthday and their wedding anniversary.

The movie star shared a series of photos with his significant other and accompanied his post with a sweetly worded caption in celebration of 9 years of being married to each other.

Obi in his flattery message to his wife expressed that he prayed the good lord to bless him with a woman to call his wife, but instead, in the lord’s magnanimity, he was blessed with a friend, companion, soulmate and mother all in one person.

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