Fresh-faced Nollywood actor Alexx Ekubo who is best remembered for featuring in Yemi Alade’s, ‘Johnny’ music video has confessed that he’s tired of breaking heart and probably wants to turn over a new leaf.

The actor shared a shirtless photo of himself on his Instagram. page and captioned the post: “I’m tired of breaking ladies Heart, from now I want to focus on their Spinal Cords. Sincerely yours – Bouncing Baby Boy.”

It’s obvious from his post that he’s just making fun of the fact that he has a lot of women at his beck and call and using pun to excite his fans on social media about how he wants to deal with them.

Alexx Ekubo is a Nigerian actor and model. He was first runner up at the 2010 Mr Nigeria contest. He won the Best Actor in a Supporting Role award at the 2013 Best of Nollywood Awards for his role in the Weekend Getaway.

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