Highly anticipated movie, Omo Ghetto from Funke Akindele and ‘Mimi’ from Samuel ‘Bigsam’ Olatunji who incidentally was Funke’s former PR manager.

Omo Ghetto – The Saga is a sequel to one of Funke’s popular movies telling the stories of Taiwo and Kehinde, one who is rich and classy and the other who grew up in the ghetto.

Omo Ghetto (The Saga) same as the prequel is a story that follows Lefty and her friends, Nikky, Busty and Chummy Choko in Askamaya Ghetto. The plot is woven around a set of twins who are separated at birth and are living completely different lives.

‘Mimi’ tells the story of a spoilt rich kid who got served by fate, having her discover all that she knew about herself to be a mirage. She has to get used to an opposite life, one she would never get used to. It’s a story of redemption, love, fate, starting over and importantly comedy – one whom every family will thoroughly enjoy.

Will Funke Akindele be winning this battle of will Bigsam, as fondly called win? We predict that the audience are the winners who will enjoy these two beautiful movies on the same day.


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