Nollywood actor, Leo Mezie is currently battling for his life again after he miraculously survived kidney disease about three years ago.

It will be recalled that Apostle Johnson Suleman had facilitated Mezie’s medical trip to London in 2017 and while receiving treatment there, he recovered fully and he was advised not to go for a transplant. An advice he welcomed wholeheartedly as he returned to Nigeria and has since been diligent on his treatment.

Sadly, the handsome actor is down again with the same ailment as his two kidneys have packed up. At this point he is in need of dialysis to make use of the toilet and a doctor advised he undergoes a transplant immediately and it shouldn’t take longer than four weeks.

Mezie confirmed this sad news to Sunday Telegraph few days ago that he was presently in a critical situation. The handsome actor said, “I’m in serious pains! I won’t be able to talk much on this right now. As I speak to you, I am in the hospital for dialysis. The ailment resurfaced when I went to the United Kingdom for checkup last year.

From information available to Sunday Telegraph, the actor, who became popular after his role in the 2003 movie, ‘Labista’, currently needs N20 million to undergo a kidney transplant as soon as possible. A relapse occurred about 11 months ago and they are doing their best to ensure that he gets urgent medical attention. He undergoes dialysis thrice a week, and one session costs about N45, 000.

The Actors Guild of Nigeria is spearheading Leo Mezie’s fundraising.

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