Popular Nigerian Actor, Jide Kosoko has shared his thoughts on sexual harassment in the Nollywood Industry.

In a chat with the Punch, the actor said he has not noticed any case of sexual harassment in the Nollywood Industry and advised young actresses in the industry not to lobby themselves for the purpose of popularity or else they would be harassed by mad and unprofessional directors.

He said “That is a normal situation in any industry. You tend to see people trying to fight their way up by hook or crook. However, I have not really noticed sexual harassment in the industry. Yes, I have seen artistes dating one another; but harassment is another issue. I always tell the young girls in the industry that if you gatecrash, they will harass you.

“If you want to lobby yourself and sell your body to become famous without passing through the normal training, things like that will happen to you. If you are a trained actor ( male or female ), nobody can harass you because you would know your rights, and have some good qualities.

“Good producers and directors would rather go for talented individuals that can interpret roles properly. It is only ‘mad’ and unprofessional directors that would do otherwise.”

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