Some days ago the governor of Kaduna state tweeted that every good thing is coming from the north he uses Dir. Dangote for instance, he said that Dangote is the richest man in Africa and Nigeria and he is from north,

And Dangote will remain the richest man in Nigeria and nothing will change it.

Today the Nollywood superstar Jim Iyke reply to El Rufai and said

Dangote is the Richest Man in Nigeria because of the Monopoly and favors he has been enjoying from the Nigerian government for over 40 years now Just because he’s a Northerner.

“The Nigerian government have secured Dangote throughout recent years.

Envision they gave that kind of protection and Monopoly To Innoson Chukwuma, at this point Innoson will be the most extravagant Man In Africa as well as The entire World.

So El Rufai Should proceed to plunk down.

Indeed, even me, I will end up being the most extravagant man in Nigeria on the off chance that I appreciate the treatment and business lift given to Dangote.

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