Kemi Afolabi, a renowned Nollywood actress, called out a movie director named Laide Olabanji. She accused him of molesting and nearly raping her when she was relatively new in the Nigerian movie industry.

According to her, the incident happened a long time ago but she only decided to open up about it due to the trending COZA pastor saga. Even more, the actress said that she overheard two ladies talking about how the same director who had molested her also did same to them.

Due to these incidences, Kemi Afolabi shared a number of posts and released an exclusive video in which she fully stated how she was molested by some men in Nollywood, one of who was Laide Olabanji.

See the posts below:

In light of Kemi Afolabi’s accusation, Laide Olabanji has come out to react. In a video which he shared on his Instagram page, the movie director claimed that he has not seen Kemi for the past 17 years so he considers her allegation baseless.

According to him, the actress is a dead dog who has slept with many men. For this reason, he does not think she has any reason to accuse him of molestation. The director also called out actress Wumi Toriola for allegedly abandoning her mother and leaving her to suffer.

See his video below:

Recently, an Instagram comedian named Lizzy Jay (also referred to as Omo Ibadan) accused another Yoruba movie director Jimoh Abiodun of sexual abuse. The latter reacted to the accusation by threatening to involve his lawyer who will, in turn, accuse her of libel.

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