While most people tend to count their losses and move on when a relationship does not work despite the effort and time invested in it, others however refuse to accept reality and use several means to exert revenge.

A certain man from the north is currently trending on social media after he demanded a refund of all the money he spent on his ex. The post shared by Twitter user, @elharsh who happens to be the friend of the ex.

According to the post, he demanded a refund of N4.2m from the family of the lady after she refused to marry him. In the photo shared below, the man went on to list the things he bought for her in the course of their relationship.

Sharing the photo, she wrote: “My friend refused to marry her boyfriend of 4 years. This guy made a list of everything he ever did for her. He demands that the family pay him 4.2m. Her father said he should take her to court

The post which has since gone viral on social media, gathered several reactions from people, most of whom found it hilarious. While some believed he had every right to demand for a refund, others felt he was being petty and would probably loose the court case.

Meanwhile, months after Nollywood actor, Mofe Duncan and his wife, Jessica, broke many hearts with the news of their divorce hit the internet, the actor’s ex-wife, Jessica, has also spoken up on how she is coping after her three years marriage crashed.

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